Cyber Summit 2020 Schedule

Workshop Day - November 24

12:30pm MST

Noon Networking

1:00pm MST

Creating A Great Student Experience From Any Device Anywhere, Efficiently and Cost Effectively

1:00pm - 4:00pm MST

Presented by:      Softchoice Logo

This three-part workshop will review how public institutions, like Athabasca University, have leveraged the AWS cloud to address challenges like remote student learning. It will also discuss how UBC students are using the Cloud Innovation Centre to solve real-world challenges. Finally, presenters will provide an overview of a program that helps institutions assess and optimize their current on-premises and/or cloud environments, and provide tips for migrating to the cloud.


  • Jennifer Schaeffer - VP of Information Technology and CIO, Athabasca University
  • Coral Kennett - Digital Innovation Lead, AWS
  • Dave Hansen - Microsoft Licensing Specialist, AWS
  • Skip Purdy - Cloud Infrastructure Innovation Leader, Softchoice

2:00pm MST

Building Better Business Relationships

2:00pm - 5:00pm MST

Staff within IT departments often feel like they operate in a different world than everyone else. Many wonder why their leaders don’t recognize the strategic importance of IT, and invite them to the strategic table. This webinar will provide strategies and takeaways on how you, as a CIO/Senior IT Leader, can help “bridge the gap” between the business administration and IT departments in order to foster better understanding and collaboration. We will explore how to transform that relationship from “IT as a Cost Centre” to “IT as a Value Centre”, enabling a willingness to invest in the digital transformation we must all undergo.

Speaker: John Krogh - President and CEO, Value Shepherd Inc.

Summit Day 1 - November 25

12:30pm MST

Noon Networking

12:55pm MST

Welcome to Day 1 of Cyber Summit 2020

1:00pm MST

Keynote Day 1 - The Future of Human-Robot Interaction

Kate Darling - Researcher, MIT Media Lab

1:50pm MST

Networking Break

2:00pm MST

Enabling Nation-Wide Cybersecurity for Post-Secondary

Mark Gaudet - Product and Business Development Manager, CIRA

2:15pm MST

Digital Literacy and Dell Education

Katina Papulkas - Education Strategist, Dell

2:45pm MST

Networking Break

2:55pm MST

Avoiding and Managing Burnout through Mental Health at Work

Brandy Payne - Workplace Mental Health Consultant

3:30pm MST

Future of the Tech Economy in Western Canada

Todd Hirsch - Vice President and Chief Economist, ATB Financial

4:15pm MST

Summit Social - Pub Quiz

With special celebrity guests! 

Summit Day 2 - November 26

11:00am MST

Pre-Summit Talk

Surveillance and Privacy: Reconciling the two in our new world order

Rick Klumpenhouwer - Partner, Cerena

12:00pm MST

Noon Networking

12:40pm MST

Welcome to Day 2 of Cyber Summit 2020

12:45pm MST

Technology, Monopoly and Intellectual Property: How 21st Century Oligarchy Controls Its Customers, Critics, and Competitors

Cory Doctorow - Author, Digital Rights Activist

1:50pm MST

Networking Break

2:00pm MST

Student Privacy Panel

Rick Klumpenhouwer - Partner, Cerena
Jon Strømme - Senior Advisor, Unit - The Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education and Research
Art Exner - Associate Vice-President (Information Services), University of Regina
Bo Wandschneider - CIO, University of Toronto

2:50pm MST

A Virtual Silver Linings Playbook

Jim Ghadbane - President and CEO, CANARIE

3:20pm MST

Group Round Table Discussions

3:50pm MST

Women in the Post-COVID Tech Ecosystem

Kylie Woods - Founder, Chic Geek 
Helen Wetherley Knight - Principal, Chief Information Officer, Helen Knight Consulting 
Ravina Anand - COO & Founder, FLIK
Lindsay Sill - COO & Interim ED, Quantum Algorithms Institute 

4:40pm MST

Closing Remarks