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November 8-9   |   Banff, Alberta

With pre-Summit workshops on November 7

Humanity has reached the point where “fictional” technologies from books and television have become reality. We now have tools (or the beginnings of tools) that can design our products, write our reports, and predict our needs. This has justifiably raised concerns about the privacy, security, sociological, and economic implications of these new developments. Many are asking: are we moving too quickly into a future where humans are supplanted by machines?

What the 2023 Cyber Summit “BUILDING A SUSTaiNABLE FUTURE” proposes is — maybe it will all be okay?

This two-day conference in Banff will explore the unexpected upsides of new machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) advancements. We’ll look at how digital tools are being used to combat social and environmental issues, improve company efficiencies, customize the learning and workforce experience for individuals, and inform impactful decision-making.

Experts will also review current regulations and processes that govern the use of these next-generation technologies, and propose strategies for moving humanity forward in the most positive way possible.

The annual Cyber Summit enables participants from the education, public, and technology innovation sectors to engage in meaningful discussions and network with like-minded individuals. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of how to harness new technologies in order to build a more sustainable future.





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