Cyber Summit

The Cyber Summit is a gathering of Western Canada's public, education and start-up technology leaders. The conference features workshops and discussions around the latest digital issues and solutions, and how they impact Canadians.

The Cyber Summit is organized by the three Prairie organizations that run the Research and Education Networks in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba: Cybera, SRNET and MRnet. Each organization works with stakeholder groups in the public, education, and start-up space, who look to them for unbiased technical advice and support.

Cybera is Alberta's research and education network facilitator, responsible for driving connections, collaborations and skills growth through the use of digital technology. Our mission is to connect Alberta to the world, enabling and advocating for better services, collaborations and skills growth through the use of digital technology. Our vision is to ensure a connected, secure and equitable digital future for every Albertan.

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SRNET (Saskatchewan Research Network Inc.) is a not-for-profit research and education network, the Saskatchewan member of Canada’s advanced network alliance. SRNET provides dedicated high speed network (10 Gbps, 1 Gbps, 100 Mbps) access to institutions and companies across Saskatchewan that use it for their research and education activities.

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MRnet is Manitoba’s Regional Advanced Research and Education Network. MRnet provides a very-high-speed, fibre optic network linking its research and education members to the world’s R&E networks. The MRnet network supports research, education and advanced application development among Manitoba’s research, education and industry organizations.

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